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Tf-Works IS300 k20/24 Swap Kit

Tf-Works IS300 k20/24 Swap Kit

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We are very excited to release our Lexus IS300 Kswap Phase 2 Kit!

Phase 2 Includes:

- Billet Engine Mounts + Polyurethane Bushings

- Hybrid Billet Oil Pan

- Billet Oil Pump Pick-up

- CD009 Transmission Mount with OEM Nissan Trans Mount Bushing

- 3" Aluminum 1-Piece Driveshaft

- Stainless Braided Clutch Line

- Kseries to CD009 Adapter and Billet Flywheel (Requires a CD00x Single Disc Clutch)

- Optional Heat Shield for Passenger side Engine Mount  (Turbo manifold can sit too close to the bushing)

IS300 Phase 2 Kit features beautifully machined billet aluminum engine mounts mated to a 65A durometer polyurethane bushings.
The engine mounts position the engine with plenty of hood clearance (OEM) and bottom of the oil pan tucked up above the front subframe.

There has been talks of the S-chassis having vibration issues, which there is some resonance that can be felt due to the engine harmonics of the K-series, but the with the case of the IS300 there is hardly any vibrations noticed thanks to its frame.
Part of doing the RWD Kswap requires you to remove the OEM oil pump which contains balance shafts, which reduces some of the harmonics produced by the tall engine. 
Again, there is very little to no vibrations of the Kswap in the IS300.
Heat barrier for the passenger engine mount bushing is offered as an option for those using our V2 RHD turbo manifold.

Our hybrid billet pan has a 7.75qt capacity and most of that oil is contained around our billet pick-up even under high G cornering thanks to the trap doors.
The focus of the pan's design was the keep the sump submerged in oil under high G-forces to minimize fluctuations in oil pressures.
Whether you're drifting or road racing, our pan is able to provide consistent oil pressures, which is key to the life of your engine.
Track tested, and every single pan is hand made and pressure checked, and even fitted on two engines prior to receiving our seal of approval.
We designed the kit so that the stock drivetrain can be used.  You do not have to make any modifications from the transmission back.
Each oil pan comes with one 1/2" female bung on the passenger side of the oil pan for turbo oil return.  You can use a -10AN fitting with 1/2" NPT.
 - If you need an extra 1/2" female bung on the driver side (as pictured) please select the option to add.  
Each oil pan comes with a 1/8" NPT bung for you oil temp sensor.  We include an aluminum plug in case you do not need it.
Each oil pan comes with an extra large 3/4-16 magnetic drain plug.

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